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Content Management allow you to efficiently manage unstructured information (such as documents) and combine it with structured information (such as application data) in a business context.

Business processes are more fully integrated and streamlined than ever before. But SAP never intended their software to manage the content of these processes. Consequently, in many companies, disconnected silos of unstructured information continue to pile up for each organizational function. To take global e-business and employee productivity to the next level, information silos need to be integrated, controlled, and made available in a relevant and trusted manner. This is a major challenge. Most organizations still don't have a strategy for linking ECM to their SAP applications. The lack of such a strategy can lead to significant business challenges. For example:

Untrustworthy or unknown business information:

Without access to accurate information, employee productivity suffers, wrong decisions get made, wheels get reinvented, and audits are questioned.

Longer financial cycles and generally inefficient processes:

When structured data, such as transactions, is not linked with unstructured content, such as invoices, it takes more time to collect payments. Disconnects like these typically increase errors and diminish process efficiency, ultimately lengthening payment and receivable cycles.

Risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements:

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, and similar new regulations like SEC 17a require companies to store and retrieve data across all types of media. The inability to produce relevant data on-demand has already cost companies millions of dollars in fines and litigation fees.

System performance degradations:

Growing SAP databases impact system performance, thereby increasing the risk and duration of system down-time and recovery.

To help you address these challenges, Tatvaset offers SAP based Content Management Solutions. These solutions lay the foundation for a comprehensive ECM strategy that further leverages your SAP investment.

The Knowledge Management capabilities include:

  • Document authoring and publishing
  • Version management
  • Powerful search and navigation through taxonomies
  • Intelligent publishing, automatic classification and subscription
  • State-of-the-art business collaboration
  • Flexible and configurable user interface
  • An open framework for applications, content, and services