Service Offerings : User Productivity

User Interface Development (Web Dynpros):

Web Dynpros is SAP's new standard UI technology for developing user interfaces. Within the NetWeaver stack, the development of the Web Dynpros are supported under both the ABAP and the Java stacks. At Tatvaset, we have expertise in both of the following technologies.
  • Web Dynpros for ABAP (ABAP Environment)
  • Web Dynpros for Java (NWDS Environment)

Adobe Print & Interactive Forms:

SAP and Adobe partnered with the goal of automating and streamlining forms-based communication to support customers who create reusable forms for their business processes which are capable of integrating with the SAP backend systems. The result of this partnership is SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe. As a part of this service offering we provide:
  • FORMs Development Services
  • FORMs Migration Services

Enterprise Portal:

With its role-based content, and personalization features, the enterprise portal enables users to focus exclusively on data relevant to daily decision-making processes. As a part of this service offering we provide
  • EP Assessment Workshops
  • EP Implementation Service
  • EP Support Services

Visual Composer:

SAP Visual Composer is a tool that is designed to enable business analysts to easily create applications. We at Tatvaset posses expertise in this technology and can work on custom solutions for you.