Service Offerings :Development and Composition

SAP NetWeaver offers a variety of programming models and tools to extend and enhance SAP standard applications or to create complementary custom applications. It supports the complete development life cycle for Java and ABAP programming. The SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment provides special support to build and deploy composite applications.

At Tatvaset we are proficient in the SAP Software from technical perspective which makes Development Services in the areas of ABAP, Java and Compositions. The various technologies are listed below under each of the service offering:

ABAP Development Services:

User Interface Development in ABAP:
  •  Web Dynpro for ABAP
  •  Business Server Pages (BSPs)
  •  Cross Application Technology (IDOC, ALE, RFC and BAPI)
  •  RICEFW (Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements, Forms, Workflow)
  •  Performance Optimization
Enhancements include: Enhancement Framework, BADIs and Business Transaction Events
   Forms include: SAP Scripts, SMART Forms, Adobe Print Forms and Adobe Interactive Forms

ABAP Business Logic Development and Service Provisioning:

  •  ABAP Objects
  •  ABAP Service Provisioning
  •  Other Methods of Connectivity (RFCs and BAPIs)

Java Development Services:

With SAP NetWeaver and SAP NetWeaver CE, Customers can take advantage of Tatvaset's expertise in powerful design and runtime tools to build business applications using standards-based Java. Our Clients can leverage Our Java Competency's strengths to design user interfaces, handle XML-based messages, use web services for greater flexibility, and increase interoperability across a heterogeneous environment.

The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is SAP’s environment for developing Java-based, multiple-layered business applications. Its open plug-In architecture not only provides a sound basis of Java development core functionality, but also a suitable platform for extending it with more specific features. As a part of this service offering we provide:

JAVA EE 5 Development:

Java EE is the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable, and secure server-side Java applications. Java EE provides web services, component model, management, and communications APIs for implementing enterprise service-oriented architecture (SOA). We can assist you in developing Java EE applications based on the new Java EE 5 standard as well as migrate existing J2EE applications.

Web Dynpro for JAVA:

Web Dynpro is SAP’s standard UI technology for developing user interfaces. We at Tatvaset can help you in developing Web Dynpro Java applications within the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio using a model-driven approach that minimizes manual UI coding and uses visual tools to design and reuse components. Web Dynpro is based on the powerful and flexible Model-View-Controller architecture that helps to implement a clear separation of user interfaces from backend services.

JAVA EE Migration:

Many companies have already migrated their existing Java EE/J2EE-based products to SAP NetWeaver. To safeguard the investments in your firm's existing Java EE applications, we at Tatvaset can support you with our expertise on how to migrate them to SAP NetWeaver with minimum effort. The SAP Java EE Migration Kit provides process and tool support to customers and ISVs migrating existing J2EE applications to the SAP NetWeaver platform.

Composition Services:

We at Tatvaset help customers to assemble composite applications by combining service operations: from existing standard and custom built applications with new user interfaces and process components. Composition Environment tool can be used to build both simple composites that increment process logic and also complex composite applications such as SAP xApps that involves all aspects and levels of composition. At Tatvaset, we have the following offerings:

Service Composition:

Service Composition involves the development of customized services by creating new services, using existing services and integrating them. The main development tool is SAP's NetWeaver Developer Studio (SAP NWDS). We at Tatvaset enable you to do all these jobs around Service Composition fast, easily, and with high efficiency.

User Interface Composition:

UI Composition produces the UIs that manages a composite application. Such user interfaces generally span several backend system contexts, and may present data from two or more of those system simultaneously. UIs consume Web services either from the business logic layer or the backend layer to retrieve and update data. We at Tatvaset posses expertise in the following UI technologies:

  •  Visual Composer
  •  Web Dynpro for Java
  •  Composite Forms (Adobe Interactive Forms)