Service Offerings :Differentiators

At Tatvaset we differentiate ourselves with the following key solution and our customers get our 100%commitment to ensure success.

Captive Bench
  • Suits the current economy, reduces financial burden and results in cost savings
  • Resources will be on Projects on-demand and will be billable only during project
  • Once the project is over, they are back on our payroll/bench
  • Captive Bench is available in technical areas such as ABAP, CRM, PI, Upgrades, etc..
Factory Model
  • Quick delivery of objects while meeting cost, quality & timeliness (like a factory!)
  • Object divided into phases, assigned to SMEs who deliver them quickly for next phase
  • Outputs of all phases bundled together and delivered for functional testing
  • Factory Model is extended for: ABAP RICEFW, Adobe Forms, Composite Applications.
  • Various objects which include similar nature of development are identified
  • SMEs with respective expertise, develop a solution to deliver these objects quickly
  • We provide an opportunity to get objects developed en-masse, quickly & at low cost
  • A case in point would be to convert all SAP Scripts to Adobe (Print/Interactive) en-masse
Practice Management Consulting
  • Expertise in setting up SAP Practices in organization with exceptional results
  • Possess the expertise to setup the Practice and all the associated processes
  • Put in place the processes for the recruitment engine to be able to fulfill per forecast
  • Put in place the Competencies to handle RFPs, Presales, Technical Training, etc.