About Us : Why Tatvaset

Global Delivery Model:

Our Global Delivery Model (GDM) gives a unique advantage to our customers with our ability to deliver required services with a high quality and yet at a lower cost. Our GDM stands tall in meeting the following key characteristics which give confidence to our customers in our ability to deliver projects based on GDM.
  • Infrastructure - Quality & Dependability
  • Methodologies and Processes
  • Program Management Office
  • Services Offerings across SAP Technologies
  • Quality Management & Adherence
  • Knowledge Management & Resource Fulfillment

Extensive Experience in SAP:

Our core team's SAP knowledge and experience with their contribution towards multiple implementations across the work and across all major industry sectors is worth decades.

Tatvaset first-hand knowledge of the business and technology innovations based on their earlier experience which it has stored in a valuable knowledge database. This gives us the ability to address major pain points of customers.

Execution Capability:

Ability to execute a given project breaks or makes a company in today's competitive world. Being equipped with the following provides us a shot in the arm as far as Execution Capability is concerned.
  • Center of Excellence
  • Competency Development
  • Technical Training Programs
  • High Caliber Recruitment Engine
  • Taking the ownership and responsibility

ROI for our Customers:

Our Project Managers, SMEs, Technical Consultants always work closely with customer in order to understand current issues in their landscape and provide solutions to enable them to stay up with the dynamic market in terms of technology enablement.

Working side-by-side with clients, Tatvaset delivers methods, tools, and expertise that rapidly deliver results - and we are committed the knowledge transfer process that ensures your long-term success.

Center of Excellence:

Our Center of Excellence (COE) helps us keep ahead of the competition. The COE forms one of the main pillars of our company. It is the COE which drives the following initiatives:
  • Providing a pool of SMEs
  • Enabling the various competencies
  • Active participation in POCs
  • Being engaged closely with the Pre-Sales team

Scalability & Recruitment Engine:

Our work space salability on a short notice and our strong recruitment engine gives us a unique edge to make things happen and meet the demands
  • State of the art development center
  • Scalable via shift to higher capacities
  • Strong recruitment engine to fulfill requirements
  • Database of SAP Consulting Professional
  • Ability to tap into quality consulting Professionals